CLE Financial aid policy

We believe that high quality Continuing Legal Education is extremely valuable and we do not want attorneys to have to compromise on the quality of the classes they take due to financial considerations.  As such, we are pleased to offer financial aid as outlined herein.

Attorneys demonstrating financial hardship are eligible for fee reductions or waivers for our CLE classes. Requests for fee reductions or waivers are considered case by case, subject to space availability for our live classes (no such restriction applies to our online classes).

Requests must be received by the Financial Aid Administrator via e-mail at at least three (3) weeks prior to an applicable live class and at least seven (7) days prior to the applicant seeking to take an online class in order to both give us sufficient time to review the request and (in the case of live classes) make sure there we leave enough room in the class for the applicant in the event that the request is approved.

Requests for financial aid must state whether the attorney seeks a reduction or a waiver; provide reasons for the request; explain the attorney’s current employment situation; specify any financial hardship; and include the prospective attendee’s name, address, daytime phone number and e-mail address. Employed attorneys must submit a letter from their current employer confirming anticipated current year earnings, and unemployed attorneys must provide a personal statement confirming unemployment status.

The Financial Aid Administrator shall base hardship decisions on demonstrated need, as follows:

Unemployed: Fee waived (live classes only)
Household Income below $30,000: Fee waived (live classes only)
Household Income $30,000 to $50,000: 50% Reduction of Fee
Household Income above $50,000: No Reduction of Fee